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Wear cute clothing that isn't too revealing. You can shop at stores like Ralph Lauren, Tilly's, and Abercrombie and Fitch. If you cannot afford these however, shop at stores like Forever 21, Wet Seal, and Charlotte Russe. If you are too young for those, go to places like JCPenny, or Kohls, or Justice. Even Target will do. Being a good preteen is not just about being pretty and fashionable, but having respect for others and yourself. You must have good values in life to even try to attempt all of this. No calling names, cursing or saying anything rude. Even if someone is mean to you, they might become nicer someday, and they will be happy that you were always nice to them. And who knows, a boy might see you and ask you to dance with him!Be original. When you start middle school, you will see ...
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